Resize Images in bulk using Fotosizer

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2013

Fotosizer is a useful program for resizing images quickly and in bulk. This is Not a Magicdust program, and is from a Third Party, so we do not provide support for it, though we have created the below video which will walk you through from start to finish how to resize images using the program. 

You can download Fotosizer for free from: http://fotosizer.com/Download.aspx

You can choose the Standard Edition for Free, or if you want the features of Professional Edition, you can choose the Professional Edition and pay for the program. 

After downloading and installing Fotosizer, run the program, then follow the video below. The video goes through how to put images easily into Fotosizer, and then how to resize images from larger sizes to a smaller size. It also shows how you would set it up to save a Copy of the image with a different  file name to wherever you specify so that it doesn’t replace your original photos.

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