Sub Categories
folder Getting Started
Variety of information to help you get started on your website!
folder Troubleshooting
Square brackets, home page empty, images in tables smaller than they should be.
folder Sidebars
How to edit your sidebar, add widgets to your sidebar, make unique sidebars for pages.
folder Editing the Layout
Sidebar, no sidebar, widgets explained, widget areas (unique sidebars)
folder Home Page
Editing your home page
folder Google
Website verification, statistics, SEO, maps
folder SEO
SEO best practices
folder Images / Galleries
Add images to your pages, create galleries, manage images.
folder Links
Internal, External, linking to attachments, image links, text links.
folder Editing Pages
Editing pages (excluding the home page)
folder PayPal
Layout, integration, buttons and tables
folder Tables
Uses, how to, PayPal Layouts, pre-made layouts.
folder Video
Youtube/Vimeo, adding video to pages, tips and tricks.
folder Menus
Add pages to your menu, top/bottom menu, second level menus/drop down menus, advanced menus
folder Social Media / Icons
Getting social icons, Linking your social icons
folder Advanced Features
Social plugins, Google Maps, PayPal Integration, Digital Downloads.
folder WooCommerce

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document How do I know if I have eWeb 2.0?
06 Jul, 2013
document eWeb 2.0 Quick Start Guide
29 Jun, 2013
document How do I log in to my site?
29 Jun, 2013
document How do I edit my site?
29 Jun, 2013
document What are widgets?
29 Jun, 2013
document Why is my home page empty when I try to edit it?
03 Aug, 2013
document How do I create an image gallery?
29 Jun, 2013
document Why do I see some text inside square brackets instead of my content?
29 Jun, 2013
document What are shortcodes?
29 Jun, 2013
document How do I create a password protected page?
29 Jun, 2012
document I can't access my website or emails!
28 Jun, 2013
document How do I edit my menus?
29 Jun, 2013
document How do I access the included Manual and Help videos?
06 Jul, 2013
document Website Orientation
03 Aug, 2013
document Going Live Checklist and Process
20 Aug, 2013
document What version of WordPress am I running and how do I update it?
16 May, 2014
document How and Why you need to optimise your images for your website and image sizing recommendations
02 May, 2014