Wordpress - Creating a post

This tutorial will show you how to create a new post using Wordpress.
  1. Log into your wordpress account.

  2. On the posts panel to the left, click on "Add New".

  3. Type in the title of your post and use the visual editor to format your text as necessary.

  4. Note: We recommend not pasting text directly from Microsoft Word as this can create display errors in Wordpress. This is due to Microsoft Word using different code to the code that Wordpress will use to display your website. To get around this, we suggest typing all text in a plain text editor such as Notepad, or directly into Wordpress. Alternatively, if you do have content in Word that you need to put in your blog, you can use Wordpress's Word importer feature by clicking this icon on the toolbar:

  5. Add tags to the post. Tags are used to search for posts. For example if your blog is used for recipes, you may want to tag a cookie recipe with tags such as cookies, baking, chocolate chip and so on.

  6. Assign your post to relevant categories and subcategories. By default if you do not assign your post to any categories, it will be put in a category called "uncategorised." If you need to create some categories for the post specifically you can do that by clicking the "add new category" link at the bottom of the categories panel on the right.

  7. Decide if you want to allow discussion on your post. Checking the "allow comments" box will allow other users who read your post to leave a comment. You can also check to allow pings and trackbacks. You can read more information about these features here.

  8. Publish the post by clicking the publish button. This will publish the post immediately. You can also publish on a time delay by clicking the "edit" link next to the publish immediately text. Alternatively you can save a draft to continue working later, or preview the post before publishing.